A Remote Patient Engagement/ Patient Monitoring technology, for personalizing every patient's treatment approach, through data collection & analysis of patient's health conditions. AI and Voice enabled, integrated Healthcare Platform on Cloud.

The most scalable approach to Care Plans.


For People

Hygiea helps people in aligning with the healthcare plan designated as per their own individual health needs and as per their current health conditions.

It stores all the data of user's activity (ex. recommended exercise done or not), intake of medicines, sleeping schedule, etc and advises and notifies for further actions, for betterment of health.

Timely notifications from voice enabled cell phone app regarding all the healthcare needs, results in speedy recovery, healthy life, saving of money and happiness for family

For Clinics

Better outcome of treatments, resulting in increased patient satisfaction and growth in practice.

For Hospitals

Effective execution of Post Hospitalization Care, resulting in increased patient satisfaction and bed occupancy in hospitals.

For Employers

Healthy employees make the organization more powerful and profitable Overall efficiency increases Employees perform better when employers care.

For Insurance

Healthy lifestyles of people would result in reduced need for expensive treatment, enabling direct reduction in expenses.

For Government

Close engagement with people, facilitating good decision making, proper fund allocation, savings in money spent for treatment and more.

For Health IT

The Health Tech Platform which addresses the problem of stakeholders.

Easy to integrate with the current system.

Value Addition.

Increase in revenue.